Why Foot Reflexology is Good For Your Health

Healthy Foot Reflexology Sndals

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Reflexology is a more than 3000 years old science, originating from China. Over the past decade, such traditional Chinese medicine treatments started to gain a lot of popularity in the Unites States as well and reflexology made no exception. This article is going to give you a few details about the benefits of reflexology on your overall health and well-being and about the way it works.

The Basic Principle of Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the belief that each body part has a corresponding point on the foot. By pressing that point, the practitioner can influence the health of the corresponding organ. As an example, supposing you suffer from PMS, you may find your relief by acting upon the ovaries spot on your feet. There are people who don’t believe reflexology truly works, but research shows there’s something about it that makes it very interesting for the future of medicine.

Conditions that Can Be Alleviated Through Foot Reflexology

While some medical conditions can’t be cured, there are others that may benefit from reflexology treatments, as it has the power of alleviating the associated symptoms, thus offering the patient a better quality of life. Migraines, constipation or fertility issues are only a few of the conditions that can be alleviated through foot reflexology. It seems to be working for depression and anxiety as well, so there are lots of people who could benefit from such treatments.

Another situation is which reflexology can prove to be useful is when the patient is already undergoing standard medical treatments or procedures. Cancer patients, for instance, can benefit from reflexology because it can improve their overall well being.

Can Reflexology Be Used On Patients of Any Age?

Indeed, patients in all age groups can benefit from this kind of therapy, from very young children to elderly persons. There is even one study done on children aged 1 to 12, which shows the benefits of reflexology treatments on patients in this age group.

How To Find Reflexology Treatments

You can talk to your doctor to see whether he can recommend you a good reflexology practitioner in your area of residence. Another way of finding reflexology practitioners is to search for them online, then do a screening based on testimonials from former and current patients. You may find alternative medicine clinics that have foot reflexology on their list of services, or you can experiment with reflexology by taking a vacation at a spa that offers the treatments.

How Expensive Is Foot Reflexology?

Prices may vary with your area of residence and the treatment duration. Results should show very early, after two-three sessions only, so you’ll be able to estimate how many treatments you’ll need in order to notice a significant improvement of your health status. There may be insurance agents who cover this type of alternative treatments, so it’s a good idea to check with yours, see if you can get some sessions at not cost for you. Another way to save some money is to look for discounts and promotions or to pay for a number of sessions in advance, case in which most practitioners would be happy to give you a price cut.

Reduce Medication

If reflexology works for you, it is possible that you reduce the number of pills you need to take each day. This will be good for your body and especially for your liver, as it will have less chemicals to process.


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