Health and Comfort Make Birkenstocks A Preferred Buy

Birkenstock Gizeh Comfort

The Stylish Birkenstock Gizeh

Most people, both men and women, are on their feet for a large part of every day and this can cause the feet to go through a lot of wear and tear. Feet have the task of supporting the full body whether the person is dancing, swimming, standing, running or just walking. Most people take their feet for granted. When footwear is chosen for fashion, which is normally the case, it is not wear that is suitable for the anatomy. You will find women wearing dress shoes which have pointed toes that will hamper movement and which also have high heels that transfer the weight of the lady on to the ball of the foot. Even men’s sport shoes can have their own problems. This leaves men equally prone to problems with the feet all caused by poor footwear. This then leads to men and women both purchasing orthotics which they feel will make the necessary corrections to their footwear. The use of sandals and shoes made by Birkenstock  is quite often suggested by podiatrists.

Birkenstock is a German maker of shoes that first came out with latex and cork  in the footbed which act as shock absorbers. The insole in their shoes mold to the shoe owner’s foot with time as it is made in the human foot shape. Their shoes and sandals also offer some support to the arches of the feet, with some offering more support than others. Their designs also have footbeds that can be removed and this greatly increases the life of the shoe.  Shoes should be the same as the shape of the feet and this has led to Birkenstocks and their sandals in particular, becoming popular. The shoes came to the United States in 1967 after Margot Fraser tried a pair on while traveling in Germany. Birkenstock design seems to be very sensible but it is rarely followed by most makers of footwear.

The Birkenstock brand of shoes has helped a lot of people who suffer from arthritis and diabetes with their well documented  problems which they have with their feet. Optimal comfort is ensured by having buckle straps that can be adjusted and open toes on the shoes. Even those that have closed toes are designed to give a lot of room for the toes as well as the ball of the feet. Birkenstock also makes full shoes that are traditional as well as open back clogs. The Birkenstock brand has been tested over time and found to always provide support, comfort and still be durable. You would quite often find people wearing the same pair of sandals after a decade, and this makes the price paid for it more than worthwhile.