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Health and Comfort Make Birkenstocks A Preferred Buy

Birkenstock Gizeh Comfort

The Stylish Birkenstock Gizeh

Most people, both men and women, are on their feet for a large part of every day and this can cause the feet to go through a lot of wear and tear. Feet have the task of supporting the full body whether the person is dancing, swimming, standing, running or just walking. Most people take their feet for granted. When footwear is chosen for fashion, which is normally the case, it is not wear that is suitable for the anatomy. You will find women wearing dress shoes which have pointed toes that will hamper movement and which also have high heels that transfer the weight of the lady on to the ball of the foot. Even men’s sport shoes can have their own problems. This leaves men equally prone to problems with the feet all caused by poor footwear. This then leads to men and women both purchasing orthotics which they feel will make the necessary corrections to their footwear. The use of sandals and shoes made by Birkenstock  is quite often suggested by podiatrists.

Birkenstock is a German maker of shoes that first came out with latex and cork  in the footbed which act as shock absorbers. The insole in their shoes mold to the shoe owner’s foot with time as it is made in the human foot shape. Their shoes and sandals also offer some support to the arches of the feet, with some offering more support than others. Their designs also have footbeds that can be removed and this greatly increases the life of the shoe.  Shoes should be the same as the shape of the feet and this has led to Birkenstocks and their sandals in particular, becoming popular. The shoes came to the United States in 1967 after Margot Fraser tried a pair on while traveling in Germany. Birkenstock design seems to be very sensible but it is rarely followed by most makers of footwear.

The Birkenstock brand of shoes has helped a lot of people who suffer from arthritis and diabetes with their well documented  problems which they have with their feet. Optimal comfort is ensured by having buckle straps that can be adjusted and open toes on the shoes. Even those that have closed toes are designed to give a lot of room for the toes as well as the ball of the feet. Birkenstock also makes full shoes that are traditional as well as open back clogs. The Birkenstock brand has been tested over time and found to always provide support, comfort and still be durable. You would quite often find people wearing the same pair of sandals after a decade, and this makes the price paid for it more than worthwhile.

Health Benefits Of Kenkoh Reflexology Foot Massage Sandals

Kenkoh Massage Sandals

Foot-Soothing Kenkoh Massage Sandals

There are lots of ways to relieve stress and anxiety. From medications to natural remedies, you can try all of these methods. However, if everything else has failed, maybe you should check out Kenkoh Reflexology Foot Massage Sandals. They are specifically designed following all the rules of reflexology for maximum impact.

The design features nodules manufactured using natural latex rubber which is used to stimulate the nerve pressure points found in your feet. When you’re walking, standing or sitting while wearing the sandals, the nodules apply pressure to the reflex areas in your feet thereby providing therapeutic massage. Inadvertently, the foot massage helps your body alleviate and fight tons of health issues naturally.

How Can The Sandals Improve Your Health?

When excess waste in the body such as uric or lactic acid builds up, it settles in the feet. The buildup prevents proper blood circulation as well as blocking the nerves from functioning as they should. Eventually, you should start experiencing symptoms such as exhaustion or aching in the feet.

Thanks to the Kenkoh massage sandals, you can enjoy gentle foot massages every time you’re wearing them. The sandals will help reduce the accumulation of the excess waste by stimulation blood circulation thereby restoring nerve function. Evidently, the reflex pressure points are stimulated to improve your overall health. Some of the benefits of wearing these sandals include the following.

•    Reduce Pain

If the nerves in your feet are clogged and not functioning properly, you’re likely to experience pain and discomfort. However, Kenkoh foot massage sandals stimulate the pressure points in your feet thereby clearing all the nerve pathways. They are perfect for athletes who experience aching and pain after extensive athletic or sports activities, or a vacationer who has been walking around all day. Even better, they can help reduce recovery time for such people.

•    Boost The Immune System

Kenkoh reflexology massage sandals can boost the immune system by properly stimulating the lymphatic system. Evidently, with a stronger immune system, you are less susceptible to infections and diseases. Normal foot reflexology techniques detoxify the body by prompting the production of endorphin. Therefore, since the sandals promote foot reflexology they can boost your immune system considerably.

•    Re-energize The Body

Normal reflexology techniques usually relax the nerve pathways thereby allowing free flow of energy to the rest of the body. Therefore, wearing Kenkoh sandals can provide exceptional relief to the pressure points in your feet thereby allowing free flow of energy. In simple words, your body feels revitalized and re-energized all day long thereby improving productivity.

•    Stimulate Proper Blood Flow

As mentioned above, wearing Kenkoh foot massage sandals can relax your body considerably as well as reducing tension and stress. As a result, the body pumps blood more naturally without any inhibitions or obstacles. With exceptional blood circulation, the body can fight infections faster as well as prevent toxic buildup.

•    Perfect For Stress Reduction

Through reflexology, lots of people can relax and reduce tension. Since Kenkoh sandals apply gentle pressure to the reflex points in the feet, they are perfect for reducing stress. Therefore, you’re bound to eliminate any tension in your body and enjoy a stress-free life. Basically, the sandals provide your body with a tranquil environment allowing more productivity.

Now that you understand the benefits of wearing Kenkoh reflexology foot massage sandals, you need to know where to get them. They have become quite popular for all the benefits outlined above as well as the comfort they provide. Therefore, make this investment and enjoy the best natural health benefits, thanks to Kenkoh foot massage sandals. You can find these sandals online as well as nearby stores at a very affordable cost.

Why Foot Reflexology is Good For Your Health

Healthy Foot Reflexology Sndals

Kenkoh Massage Sandals Have Rubber Nodules to Stimulate the Reflexology Points on the Foot

Reflexology is a more than 3000 years old science, originating from China. Over the past decade, such traditional Chinese medicine treatments started to gain a lot of popularity in the Unites States as well and reflexology made no exception. This article is going to give you a few details about the benefits of reflexology on your overall health and well-being and about the way it works.

The Basic Principle of Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the belief that each body part has a corresponding point on the foot. By pressing that point, the practitioner can influence the health of the corresponding organ. As an example, supposing you suffer from PMS, you may find your relief by acting upon the ovaries spot on your feet. There are people who don’t believe reflexology truly works, but research shows there’s something about it that makes it very interesting for the future of medicine.

Conditions that Can Be Alleviated Through Foot Reflexology

While some medical conditions can’t be cured, there are others that may benefit from reflexology treatments, as it has the power of alleviating the associated symptoms, thus offering the patient a better quality of life. Migraines, constipation or fertility issues are only a few of the conditions that can be alleviated through foot reflexology. It seems to be working for depression and anxiety as well, so there are lots of people who could benefit from such treatments.

Another situation is which reflexology can prove to be useful is when the patient is already undergoing standard medical treatments or procedures. Cancer patients, for instance, can benefit from reflexology because it can improve their overall well being.

Can Reflexology Be Used On Patients of Any Age?

Indeed, patients in all age groups can benefit from this kind of therapy, from very young children to elderly persons. There is even one study done on children aged 1 to 12, which shows the benefits of reflexology treatments on patients in this age group.

How To Find Reflexology Treatments

You can talk to your doctor to see whether he can recommend you a good reflexology practitioner in your area of residence. Another way of finding reflexology practitioners is to search for them online, then do a screening based on testimonials from former and current patients. You may find alternative medicine clinics that have foot reflexology on their list of services, or you can experiment with reflexology by taking a vacation at a spa that offers the treatments.

How Expensive Is Foot Reflexology?

Prices may vary with your area of residence and the treatment duration. Results should show very early, after two-three sessions only, so you’ll be able to estimate how many treatments you’ll need in order to notice a significant improvement of your health status. There may be insurance agents who cover this type of alternative treatments, so it’s a good idea to check with yours, see if you can get some sessions at not cost for you. Another way to save some money is to look for discounts and promotions or to pay for a number of sessions in advance, case in which most practitioners would be happy to give you a price cut.

Reduce Medication

If reflexology works for you, it is possible that you reduce the number of pills you need to take each day. This will be good for your body and especially for your liver, as it will have less chemicals to process.


A way of enjoying foot reflexology at all times is to buy and wear special sandals designed with reflexology in mind. A good example in this respect are the sandals from Kenkoh. You can find them at